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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Posebox Catalog Main Information

I've published my debut novel, Forever Love.!  More information here.

Well, it was high-time the catalog got its very own blog. So welcome.

First things first.

Thank you for your help and contributions to the catalogs:

Goodbye_sun (who's been wonderful with keeping me organized and moving forward)
Beth and Gayl

Synaptic Sims Lair
for graciously allowing us to use her screen captures instead of having to take our own. Thank you and great work! For all your super hero and other great cc visit her site.

I ask only that you please do not re-post wholly or in part on your site as everyone has put a lot of work into these pictures and deserves the credit they are due.

Please link to:

The catalog links:

All Catalogs (All the catalogs in one place)

Posebox Reference List A must use companion to the catalog for finding the poseboxes online.

If you're looking for something specific:

I'm sure the first thing you notice is how many more catalogs there are. Hopefully, this is going to make it much more user friendly. With more than a hundred boxes out and each having multiple poses they've become an incredible amount of pictures to sift through.

Listed above are the main categories. They've also been tagged to break them down even further. Looking for all the pictures that use the phone accessories? Then there's a tag for Phone, click it, and you'll get all the phone poses. Want a peace sign click the tag Hand Gestures and you'll find that and more. Eventually links to the tags will be posted here along with other future improvements to this site.

This site is very, very much in its infancy, and will be growing and changing. This is most but not all of the boxes available. There are new poseboxes being uploaded all the time. Frankly, I'd expected to see a drop in them for TS2, but I'm continually surprised to find they're still being made. As long as they are, we'll continue to keep up with them. Slowly, unfortunately since other projects always seem to come first, but they will eventually all make their way here in picture form.


Monday, February 15, 2016

My Debut Novel!

I published  my first novel! For more about Forever Love see below.

Since the beginning of time, 
the immortal Aeterni have been first-born sons. 
Until now…

Cassandra Marston has lived an ordinary twenty-nine years. Except she’s telekinetic and her mother abandoned her when she was a few days old. Despite that, she was raised by loving grandparents and given a good life. She knows exactly what she wants from that life.

Cass has always looked forward to meeting the right man, falling in love and growing into a comfortable old age with him. She wants to become what her grandmother had been. A loving protector.

When immortal Keegan Fitzgerald fell from a tree at age seven in 443 BC, his breaks healed unnaturally quick and his superstitious mother believed him a child of the Sidhe who’d replaced her true son. Fear drove her to disown him and remove him from their home. For thousands of years, Keegan has taken care of no one but himself.

However, after watching Cass die and return to life, he must learn to put someone else's needs before his own. Now immortal, Cass is forced to abandon her dreams and learn to live for-freaking-ever.

But she’s not free of the unknown man who changed her. It’s imperative he’s discovered before he can recapture her, or make another woman immortal. Keegan and Cassandra must secure her safety so they can have forever. Or time will run out.

 Available on:

 For $2.99 USD

Happy reading,


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update Information

Finally, after months I've finally gotten around to getting all the wonderful work Goodbye_sun put together for me tagged and uploaded to the catalog.

As always, thank you G_s for poking at me until I got off my ass. Especially since you'd taken the time to take the pictures in the first place. :)

Also, you'll notice another new category. I felt the car poses were important enough to get their own album.

There have been a number of new boxes recently, and hopefully I'll now get my own pictures taken that I've picked out to do. Frankly, I'm surprised at how many more boxes are being created since I honestly thought they'd lessen once Sims 3 started to take off. It is nice to know, however, that Sims 2 remains as popular as always.

I want to thank those wonderful creators whose work we showcase here because without you my stories wouldn't be half as nice or as fun to do. So, thank you!


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